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We are none of us infallible. To guide the Association, we have selected the following advisors. If you feel you have advice or comments to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are constantly encountering excellent advice from various people. As we grow, we intend to add more people to our board of advisors.

Gold Advisor - Anthem Blanchard. Mr. Blanchard is an executive with and a gold aficionado.

International Advisor - Doug Casey. Mr. Casey is a bestselling author, world traveler, speculator, and free market money enthusiast.

Technology Advisor - Venkat Manakkal. Mr. Manakkal is an entrepreneur, computer hardware and software expert, and well versed in secure communications technologies.

Monetary Architecture Advisor - Bernard von NotHaus. Mr. von NotHaus is the retired Mint Master of the Royal Hawai'ian Mint and the monetary architect of the Liberty Dollar.

Markets Advisor - Courtney Smith. Mr. Smith is a veteran Wall Street commodities trader and investment fund advisor.


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